Does Joint Physical Custody “Cause” Children’s Better Outcomes?

Parental Gatekeeping and Child Custody Evaluation: Part III: Protective Gatekeeping and the Overnights “Conundrum”

What Happens When There Is Presumptive 50/50 Parenting Time? An Evaluation of Arizona’s New Child Custody Statute

Shared Physical Custody: What Can We Learn From Australian Law Reform?

Arguments Against a Presumption of Shared Physical Custody in Family Law

Children’s Relationships With Grandparents in Married and in Shared and Sole Physical Custody Families

Does Shared Parenting Help or Hurt Children in High-Conflict Divorced Families?

Night Shifts: Revisiting Blanket Restrictions on Children’s Overnights With Separated Parents

Joint Versus Sole Physical Custody: Children’s Outcomes Independent of Parent–Child Relationships, Income, and Conflict in 60 Studies

Preface to the Special Issue: Shared Physical Custody: Recent Research, Advances, and Applications

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